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Fans of Fan Fic Webring - A webring for anyone who loves fan fiction of any sort. General, Adult and Slash welcome. If you like to read and write

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Fans of Fan Fic Webring

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A webring for anyone who loves fan fiction of any sort. General, Adult and Slash welcome. If you like to read and write fanfic, become a member. Fun for everyone.


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   Quartet Plus Two: Classic Trek fanfic by a prof writer Preview Go
The long unavailable volume of Classic Trek stories, Quartet Plus Two by the professional author, Claire Gabriel, is now available for free reading on simegen.com. Claire's story Ni Var became one of the most famous stories in the Bantam paperback STAR TREK: The New Voyages. Quartet Plus Two with it's powerful writing and clear imagery remains among the top all-time favorites%2
   Robin K Presents: The Chosen One Preview Go
Stargate SG-1 adult fanfic with Daniel Jackson as the central character. Award winning stories with lots of action, adventure and romance. Not intended for the kiddies. Take the Journey! (Fan fic focusing on Col. Cam Mitchell also available on this site.)
   Out Of Range--A NIMH-Rescuers-Rescue Rangers fanfic Preview Go
When her friends, the Rescue Rangers, are murdered, Gadget Hackwrench and the veterinarian packrat Devin Packard find the trail leads to Thorn Valley, home of the Rats of NIMH...

   daydream Preview Go
A tiny site with multi-genre fanfictions. Suikoden fandom predominates. All works are rated Teen and under, suitable for most audience. Care to read some Camus/Nanami?
   SilverWolf's Fan Fic Page Preview Go
A page for all my fan fic. At the moment it has Forever Knight and Buffy on it but more shows to come. Soon to have Harry Potter fan fic! Updated regularly!
   The Munch Cassidy slash archive Preview Go
This site contains adult stories involving 2 of the characters from Law & Order : Special Victims Unit.
   Equalizer Facts and Fic Preview Go
Fan fiction, adult and general, and much more from the TV series The Equalizer
   DreamFree Preview Go
My site housing all my Nacar and Hockey fanfiction. Contains RPS. Also has a collection of Fanart.
   Savage Erotica Preview Go
A site dedicated soley to Savage Garden slash!
   Noire Sensus Preview Go
A yaoi/slash fan site with a huge fanfiction archive for Final Fantasy VIII and IX, Harry Potter, Fushigi Yuugi, Lord of the Rings, Tekken, and more. Submissions accepted. Also holds interactive media, character information and image galleries. Boasts an ever expanding Quotes Archive.

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