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Fantasy Football - Untitled document Created in August 1994, this is the premiere Fantasy Football Webring. It exists as a network of webs

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Fantasy Football

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Manager: jackyerass
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Created in August 1994, this is the premiere Fantasy Football Webring. It exists as a network of websites that have a relevance to fantasy football. This ring is open to a variety of websites as long as the page meets our criteria. Certified member sites must be relevant to NFL football and be reasonably maintained.


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   Hardcore Fantasy Football League Preview Go
The HFFL is made for the most hardcore fantasy football players.
   Schuylkill Fantasy Football League Preview Go
Contains past results, champions and current standings.
   Fantasy AFL Preview Go
AFL football tipping and unique fantasy football with online draft, player trades, free agents, AFL news, AFL injuries. Join a public fantasy league or create your own and invite your friends to play in your fantasy league. You can also access AFL news, AFL scores, AFL statistics and AFL club and players information. We also provide targeted advertising opportunities for online b

   4th and SiX Preview Go
A group of friends dedicated to the sport started a keeper league. We hope to build a dominating franchise, and become a legacy. We have also designed a new scoring method known as ESS. The league has got cult like status in the area because we take things a bit to far.
   CITFL Website Preview Go
Website dedicate to the CITFL Fantasy Football League
   No Pepper Games Preview Go
A near-daily account of how fantasy sports consume my life. I'm more than happy to field questions as long as you're more than happy to risk a little abuse.
   GBS Sports Fantasy Football League Website Preview Go
GBS Sports- The Home of Gern Blanston Football! Now in our 5th year, this Fantasy League boasts 12 of the most competitive and smarta$$ teams in Fantasy Football History. The Only league to feature the GBS Sportspage- a weekly laugh out loud look at the goings on in the world of GBS football. Take a Look, and wish you were here!!
The Extreme Fantasy League! Where 10 of the BEST owners in the world get together and battle it out. In the XFFL, only the strong survive and the rest go home crying to momma!
   DFFL Preview Go
Daves fantasy football league,Northwestern Chicagolands Premiere fantasy League!Since 1992!
   Bo-America Fantasy Football Preview Go
A gathering of Football Freaks

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