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The Dark Poet - (Dark Poetry) A soul stained with darkness writes the most profound poetry and prose thus, the Dark Poet is born. This i

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The Dark Poet

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(Dark Poetry) A soul stained with darkness writes the most profound poetry and prose thus, the Dark Poet is born. This is a place for the lost, the haunted, and the damned. Do you write with the blackest of ink, is your soul tainted with a glimmer of evil? Then perhaps, just perhaps this is the ring for you. So come and share your dark writings with those who can understand your pain. We give shelter from the storms of life and offer up your words to whatever gods may care to listen.


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   A Clock Stopped Preview Go
poetry of a darker nature
   A Fractured Mind Preview Go
A dark site offering information on self injury and serial killers as well as dark poetry and lyrics.
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My site contains original writings that are my thoughts when my depression is at its worst. I've balanced the writings with a photo gallery of things that make me happy, to offset the gloom.

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A collection of original poetry and verse, with a dark theme.
   Etouffe Dans L'oeuf Preview Go
Dark poetry. Hard to explain,its just unique. Check it out,I'm sure you'll like it. Its just very angry,I dont know, enjoy?
   Fear, Anger, Silence and Screams Preview Go
Poetry centered around the darker side of life, as seen through the eyes of fear. Sometimes we walk a fine line between sane and psychotic...
   Images of a Childish Woman Preview Go
A site devoted to the writing I've done since age 13. Inspired by the misfortunes of my life, and the light at the end of the dark tunnel.
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A poetic site containing many writings and original pieces of art.
   Papercut: the Bleeding Edge of Literature Preview Go
A compilation of alternative writing, a display of how sadism and irony mix with writers who take themselves seriously. Also, a zany look at what all the hopeless romantics among us write when we are depressed now and then.
   Poetry Haus Preview Go
Poetry that I have written throughout my life that holds a special meaning to me as a way to express my thoughts and emotions, hope you enjoy =)

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