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Domains of Fantasy - Welcome to a ring which spans all the worlds of fantasy. Anything and everything can be found in this vast expanse of wo

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Domains of Fantasy

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Manager: enchanted
Welcome to a ring which spans all the worlds of fantasy. Anything and everything can be found in this vast expanse of worlds and dimensions. It matters little if you like AD&D or magic, vampire or mage. All are welcome as long as fantasy means all and reality means little.



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   Blackberry RPG Preview Go
Blackberry is a free form, play by post, adult RPG in a quasi-midieval setting of surrealism where all makes and walks of life may clash together, from fantasy and scifi to modern real-lifer's and favorite canon characters.
   Angelstar's Little Nook in Cyberspace Preview Go
This site has a little info on me, but mostly contains artwork, writings, poems and such like that.
   Is D&D Evil? An Educated & Enlightened Rebuttal Preview Go
Some religious folks claim D&D is evil, satanic and will make your children commit suicide. Here is the honest truth people: Its just a game and its usually played by adults. Its no different than playing "Final Fantasy" on the computer except it uses dice. Kind of like Monopoly, but no one says Monopoly is satanic or suicidal.

   Myst Isle of the Damned Preview Go
Welcome to the home of The new breed of Vampire, the Toshannian's. They are lead by their founder and ancient Vamperess Toshanna, only daughter of Dracula and Mina Harker. Read her story of her tragic begining and met some of the main C's of the story line, then Come RP with us in an on line chat room. This is a free form Vampire RP in real time on line.
   The Black Swan - A Pirate Story Line Preview Go
This is a texted based SL, via live role play and posted play on message boards. Various SL's are connected in many different ways. Have a character you'd like to add? Or just read the saga's that play out. All live RP play, is posted along with written pieces. Come join the fun today!
   Halloween Fun Scare Preview Go
B00oo, Frighteningly Halloween. Here you will find some halloween fun. Vampires, Metal, Gothic, Occult, Just insane scary fun. And always adding more.
   Devlyn's Homepage Preview Go
A significant part of my site has been dedicated to my AD&D campaign. The rest is about the Shining Series, The best RPG series that have ever walked the earth. Message Board and lots of home rules included.
   Dungeons & Dragons Classic Arcade Games Preview Go
Remembering the classic Dungeons & Dragons video arcade games by TSR and Capcom. Let me know if you're interested in finding out how to get these great games.
   Breaker's RPG Resources Preview Go
A resource for gamers. Large NPC Pool, other resources to come.
   Wolves In The NIght Preview Go
Two packs engage in a war to end all wars. Come choose your loyalty and fight beside your leader. Choose whether you win this fight...or die in pride for trying.

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