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.:Dark Gothic & Fantasy Art:. - Dark fothic & fantasy art of quality concerning themes of vampires, succubi, jack the ripper, gothic movies, fantasy the

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.:Dark Gothic & Fantasy Art:.

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Manager: lilithezine
Dark fothic & fantasy art of quality concerning themes of vampires, succubi, jack the ripper, gothic movies, fantasy themes, demons, vampires, dragons, liches, undead, gothic music, gothic poetry. Anything that is an art and is either gothic or fantasy is welcome. - - - - - - - - The logo is "Jack the Ripper", courtesy of the Lilith Gallery of Toronto.

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   The Lilith Library Archive Preview Go
The Lilith Library Archive is a collection of images of Lilith, Eve, succubi, vampires, succubus-like creatures and mythological/biblical females. The archive has been collected for use by those curious about or interested in Lilith and/or female archetypes.
   Fantasy Arts Lair Preview Go
'Welcome to my fantasy art picture gallery. Check out "FANTASY ARTS LAIR" pictures of dragons,mystical wizards,fantasy female warriors,fantasy beasts,medieval castles,3D digital,fantasy goddesses,and elven art galleries. Also a Fantasy Web Graphics gallery ...'
   Inimical Chimera Preview Go
Website for Gothic Music Movies Video,s and Art. Presented by Transylvanian Lady

   How to Dance Gothic Preview Go
Get your sexy gothic ass out on the dance floor and learn how to dance gothic!
   Gothic Lolitas: Goth Girls just wanna have Fun! Preview Go
One reporter's look at the new gothic-fashion look that has embraced Japan and is now coming to Toronto and North America. Goth is dead. Long live Goth.
   The Demonification and Sexuality of Lilith Preview Go
Lilith (Lilitu) was an ancient Sumerian and Mesopotamian fertility goddess. She was worshipped by people seeking to have good crops and many children. Mythology and stories about Lilith are not really well known however, because most of them have been obliterated by competing religions with a different sexual agenda. Today she is a feminist icon.
   A. Andrew Gonzalez Preview Go
Visionary Religious Art & Nudes
   darkermusings - its all about the art Preview Go
My personal space on the web where I get to freely explore my passion for creating.
   Caroline Folkenroth at the Lilith Gallery of Toronto Preview Go
Caroline Folkenroth is a guest artist at the Lilith Gallery. Her work is more fantasical and has a folk art style, often using themes of fantasy in her work. She has created her own "stylized visual language" and works towards creating "a visually beautiful, sensual, and emotion, euphoric experience". She also works in clay and wax, but at present the Lilith Gallery shows
   Neo-Gothic Sculpture or the Lack Thereof Preview Go
When it comes to sculptures and sculptors, there seems to be a huge void. There are plenty of fantasy or mythological sculptors available, but no real hardcore without-a-doubt GOTHIC sculptors.

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