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Blog*Spot - Blogspot is one of the most popular and best known hosts for weblogs. This is the first WebRing dedicated exclusively to

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Blogspot is one of the most popular and best known hosts for weblogs. This is the first WebRing dedicated exclusively to the variety of journals, rants, and other creations of BlogSpot users.


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   Fantastic art shows Blog Preview Go
Contemporary fantastic personal art shows, witches, fairies and mermaids, fantasy art, painting and graphics
   The Weekly Potpourri Preview Go
A collection of thoughts with advice on Home and Gardening, Recipes, Pets, Easy-to-do Projects, and so much more.
   health, wellness Preview Go
blogsite related to my website which allows visitors to purchase healthcare and weightloss products. visitors could also choose to become an affiliate of the company to buy and distribute the product to start a business online.

   Who Are You, Really? Who Am I, Really? Preview Go
   Using WebRing Code on BlogSpot Accounts with BloggerPr Preview Go
It's not much of a Blog just yet, but perhaps the fact that it ALSO contains the key to installing WebRing codes on BloggerPro will make this page more useful than any indiscriminate postings I could ever make!
   Online Medicine Resource Preview Go
Your Online Resource For Medicinal Information Online, including academic medicine, acupuncture, adolescent medicine, alcohol medicine, alternative medicine, asthma medicine, azor medicine, cancer medicine, cardiology medicine, chinese medicine, clinical medicine, complementary medicine, diabetes medicine, emergency medicine, faculty medicine, family medicine, homeopathic medicine, childcare and health tips and also procedures that are used to aid in operations and facts that would make your life a lot easier in the light of medicine.
   Design 3 Preview Go
This is another in my series of designing templates, with blogger.com, They have a transparent theme and hundreds of backgrounds that one can choose, this one is 'street art' than all you need to do, is 'Blog', and best of all, blogger.com, is free.
   Bernie's Heart! Preview Go
You heard of him, the longest running independent Senator from Vermont, now he's running for President of the USA in 2016, on the Democratic ticket, First they ignored him, then they laughed at him, now they fight him, and soon WE the people will win with him.
   Bernie Sanders! Preview Go
This independent senator from Vermont, could be our next President! He has fought for the middle class most all his life, he is not for sale! He is a fresh face, his fund raising is in small contributions, and he has already out fund raised Hillary, and 'polled' ahead of her, He does not believe in negative campaigning. I am a Christian Democrat, I have taken on the issues of "Socialism" and "Pro-choice" in a Christian way.
   Nail Art Preview Go
Do your Fingernails something fantastic, all your friends will want to know how you did it, cheap DIY, videos. all linked, plus some of my own.

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