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Biography - Any biography pages or sites, stories about real life people...or legendary, mythical. Chronicle, memorial, photographs,

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Any biography pages or sites, stories about real life people...or legendary, mythical. Chronicle, memorial, photographs, profile,biograph,obituary,personal history,women in history,men in history. Much thanx to Indian folkartist Tashijan for our logo.

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A profile of the Internet's most popular jailhouse lawyer. "I WISH MY COUNTRYMEN to consider, that whatever the human law may be, neither an individual nor a nation can ever commit the least act of injustice against the obscurest individual without having to pay the penalty for it. A government which deliberately enacts injustice, and persists in it, will at length even become the laughingstock of the world" ~ Thoreau
   Fairy Dust in her eyes-- A Patty Schemel page Preview Go
Hi! Welcome to my Patty Schemel page, incase you were wondering she is the current drummer of Seven Sleepers and BASTARD but former drummer of Hole, Constant Comment, Sybil/Kill Sybil, nighty night and others.
   Adventures of Eric F. Magnuson Preview Go
Free autobiography which chronicles the life of an American writer, adventurer, freethinker, and radical Libertarian. Written as an daily journal it is punctuated at intervals with sexy Witches, secret societies, and arcane ceremonies set against the opulent backgrounds of New England, Florida, California, and Nevada.

   Senator Ted Kennedy Preview Go
Biography of Ted Kennedy
   Arte contemporanea della Val di Scalve Preview Go
Arte contemporanea della Val di Scalve
   Welcome to James Dean: Myth, Legend, Man Preview Go
1931- 1955. James Byron Dean. His name is instantly linked to rebellion. Perhaps this is why his legend has endured for 45 years. He has been idolized by thousands as a symbol of eternal youth. He was a farm boy who inspired many, and his legend will survive forever.
   PuzzQuiz World War II Game Center Preview Go
PuzzQuiz is a new kind of quiz game specialized in teaching facts about various subjects related to the Second World War.
   St. Patrick's Episcopal Church Preview Go
St. Patrick's is a small, mutual-ministry church located in rural, northeastern Oregon. The site contains information about the church, Christian biographies, and links to other religious sites.
   Remembering Grandma Preview Go
A tribute to my grandmother, Annie Jorgensen Nielsen, who passed away in 1995.
   Manet's Conceptualization Preview Go
Art history website about Manet.

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