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Beautiful Surreality - ~*~Beautiful Surreality~*~ Beautiful Surreality is a Bishounen fansite ring, and a place for all Bishounenfans to unite.

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Beautiful Surreality

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Manager: jianu2000
~*~Beautiful Surreality~*~ Beautiful Surreality is a Bishounen fansite ring, and a place for all Bishounenfans to unite.

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   Z e r o - G Preview Go
A typical GW fangirl's site with 1x2, 3x4, 13x6 galleries and more! ^^';
   The Ice Cream Revolution - A Rukawa-Uke Shrine Preview Go
A shrine to the beautiful Kaede Rukawa (from slamdunk) as the beautiful uke he is ^_^ *drooools*
   The Temple of Duo Preview Go
My tribute to the beautful bishounen Duo Maxwell of Gundam Wing- constantly under construction. Has a shrine to Duo, a links section, and soon-to-be fanart pages.

   Starlet's Bishounen Hall Preview Go
A site dedicated to the Bishounen of Anime!
   mr. president: the minazuki yamato gallery Preview Go
Image gallery of Minazuki Yamato, a cute bishounen in "Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne", containing manga scans, anime scans & screen captures, and fanart.
   Dueling Hearts Preview Go
A Yu-Gi-Oh site made with adult fans in mind. Here you'll find just about anything Yu-Gi-Oh related from image galleries to fanfiction to doujinshi and more! Brought to you by the same lunatic who gave you the Dragonball Asylum!
   Noire Sensus Preview Go
A yaoi/slash fan site with a huge fanfiction archive for Final Fantasy VIII and IX, Harry Potter, Fushigi Yuugi, Lord of the Rings, Tekken, and more. Submissions accepted. Also holds interactive media, character information and image galleries. Boasts an ever expanding Quotes Archive.
   Manga-ka H.Q. Preview Go
Greetings and welcome to Manga-Ka H.Q., a website for devoted fans of beautiful culture. Here, you will find ... anything! Including J-Pop Music, Utena Images,Utena Sprites, My manga, My view of the world at large!, Mission Statement, Links.
   Gundam Wing Yaoi Heaven Preview Go
A GW yaoi site that is a gathering site for links to other GW yaoi sites. Our goal is to have a link to every GW yaoi site out there someday. With over 500 already, we're growing fast. Come and visit!!
   Rune Tear: The Hidden Secrets Preview Go
A new site for my yaoi/shounen-ai fanfics and other stuff. Includes Final Fantasy, Star Ocean 2, Suikoden, Gundam Wing, and more. Also hosts some guest works, and welcomes any submissions.

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