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Werebeasts - A ring for werebeasts (this includes werewolves, werecats, werebears, wereavians etc) to list their pages, but it also f

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A ring for werebeasts (this includes werewolves, werecats, werebears, wereavians etc) to list their pages, but it also for pages dealing with lycanthropes, Therianthropy, and other information on REAL werewolves and Werebeasts. Includes were art, information, stories myths, and resources.

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   Sacred Serpent - Path of Wisdom and Oneness Preview Go
Featuring an article about a true encounter with a fox spirit / shapeshifter. Article on working on power animals. Way of the Wild Rose is dedicated to the promotion of Shamanism, Goddess Spirituality, Women's Empowerment, Earth Matters, Magick, Yoga, Shiva consciousness as tools to spiritual growth, Oneness and enlightenment. many articles on: shamanism, sacred plants, Goddess spirituality, Yoga as a spiritual path, workshops, medicine ceremonies, distance healing and more!
   Carnivirous Creativitous Preview Go
A site devoted to realistic werecreature artwork with a link to my artwork on VCL and Transfur and links to many other artists worth looking at.
   Wolf's Lair Preview Go
Autobiographical account of my first few months discovering my inner wolf, including accounts of my fist mental shifts as they happened. intended to assist newer weres in understanding the self-discovery process by finding out what it was like for one were.

   Draconcat Preview Go
A site for draconcats, and other dark natured otherkin, and vampires. Information on shifting, balancing, past lives as well as totems and familiars.
   Active Shapeshifters Anonymous Preview Go
ASA is a group of shapeshifters who are actively researching and discussing topics such as the origins of shapeshifting, dreams, therianthropy, and more.
   Lone Wolf's Den Preview Go
A therianthropic site covering many subjects, from Were Resources, FAQs and information, to a large archive of pictures from UK Were meets and details of my fursuiting exploits. Also contains links to much of the music I spend a large amount of time writing and promoting.
   Thoughts of a wolf Preview Go
basicly it is for my book.
   The Daemonslayers Preview Go
Enter the dark fantasy world Tymaera ravaged by Dragons, Daemons and the Undead. Its one hope the unlikeliest of antiheroes: a cursed black dragon in denial of his dark past; a Dire Werewolf possessed by an evil dracoliche soul and a half fay runaway with secrets of her own.. Stories, artwork, forum and the occasional comic all based on an original world of magic, dragons, demons, anthros and danger.
   Wildcat Creations Preview Go
From tigers and anthros to miniatures and comic strips, there's quite a selection of medias to view at "Wildcat Creations". All presented to you by the Anthromorph known as Tigrr Wildcat.

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