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Stand Opposed WebRing - This webring is for liberty- and freedom-loving patriots taking a stand against government corruption and oppression. We

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Stand Opposed WebRing

Manager: lazarst
This web ring is for freedom loving patriots who are taking a stand against government corruption and oppression. We stand opposed to any and all infringements upon our constitutionally guaranteed and God-given rights.

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Bush on the Constitution: 'It's just a goddamned piece of paper'
  "Last month, Republican Congressional leaders filed into the Oval Office to

Martial Law: Drills, Drills & More Drills
  "In spite of the fact that monkeys continue to cover their eyes, ears, and

  "The United States of America, onceŚlong agoŚa Constitutional republic, is

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Ten Steps to World Libertarian Revolution wlo418 12/11/2006 (1 posts) Brief summary of how abs   more
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BLOOD MONEY lazarst 03/21/2008 (1 posts) "In the counsels of Gov   more
THE JAILHOUSE LAWYER lazarst 03/21/2008 (1 posts) An educational and info   more
THE JAILHOUSE LAWYER'S BOOKSHELF lazarst 03/21/2008 (1 posts) These are some books   more
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pieman's homepage-happiness is a cream pie pieman424 03/27/2011 (1 posts) reefer, pies and   more
DEBUNKING CONSPIRACY THEORISTS lazarst 03/21/2008 (1 posts) Those who are truly add   more
THE DRUG STORY lazarst 03/21/2008 (1 posts) The drug story: A facto   more
THE JAILHOUSE LAWYER'S FAVORITE LINKS PAGE lazarst 03/21/2008 (1 posts) A thoughtful collection   more
CONGRESSMAN RON PAUL SPEAKS OUT lazarst 03/21/2008 (1 posts) "Under liberty, we buil   more
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