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Smash The System! - A webring dedicated to the revolutionary ideals of beyond left and right politics. Neither left nor right, but forward!

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Smash The System!

Manager: theodora_maffat
"The enemy is the New World Order--either we forget the children's games and the posturing, unite and build a totally new kind of community or they'll smash the lot of us and our grandchildren will all end up as 'citizens of the world'."

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The Purpose of War According to George Orwell (1984) maratsbathtub 12/22/2012 (1 posts) The primary aim of modern wa   more
FOOLS PANIC AS MAYA END-TIME NEARS frogblog 12/10/2012 (1 posts) Gov'ts Try To Calm Fears As Dec.   more
UFO SPOTTED OVER DENVER! frogblog 11/19/2012 (1 posts) If Aliens Do Exist, Can They Reach Us? F   more
PRINCE WILLIAM ATTACKS RHINO POACHERS frogblog 07/18/2012 (1 posts)
He Calls Rhino Horn Traffickers Ignorant And Selfish ~ Black rhinos are nea   more
CNN CALLS SPCA INTERNATIONAL A SCAM frogblog 07/16/2012 (1 posts)
Don't Let Scammers Exploit Your Generosity! There is nothing lower than   more
GOP REP. CALLS EVOLUTION & BIG BANG LIES frogblog 10/15/2012 (1 posts) Mitt Romney Flip-Flops On Global Warming ~   more
EXOTIC ANIMALS TO RETURN TO ZANESVILLE! frogblog 09/20/2012 (1 posts)
Wife Of Man Who Released Wild Animals Wins Custody On October 18th of 2011,   more
MORON LETS INFANT PLAY WITH A GORILLA frogblog 09/20/2012 (1 posts) Wild Animals Will ALWAYS Be Wild An   more
THE 2ND 'SCOPES MONKEY TRIAL' IS COMING! frogblog 08/30/2012 (1 posts) Criticism Of Evolution Allowed In T   more
ARCTIC ICE MELTS TO LOWEST LEVEL EVER frogblog 08/28/2012 (1 posts) The Survival Of The Polar Bear May B   more
Words of Wisdom maratsbathtub 03/13/2012 (1 posts)
Address to the General Assembly of the United Nations Delivered October 25,   more
Dividing Lines maratsbathtub 03/03/2012 (1 posts)
Divide and conquer (derived from the Latin saying Divide et impera) refers   more
The Frog Blog. Eco-Talk! frogblog 10/22/2011 (1 posts) is a blog   more
S.I.M. Headquarters simheadquarters 07/30/2003 (1 posts) An ever-growing   more
THE REALITY ZONE lazarst 03/11/2003 (1 posts) "You're here becau   more
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