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Pointing Dogs That Hunt! - A small collection of pointing dog breed websites that place emphasis on pointing dogs as family and hunting companions.

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Pointing Dogs That Hunt!

Manager: dianne_davies
A small collection of pointing dog breed websites that place emphasis on pointing dogs as family and hunting companions. Sites are informational, assist, inform, or offer material about their respective breed of pointing dog. Private breeders are welcomed as well as pointing dog related websites that offer services, supplies, or other commercial interests related to pointing dogs. In exceptional circumstances, websites about other working breeds MAY be considered for inclusion at the ring manager's discretion.

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Research in the Role of Dogs- A study to learn the outcomes of living with service dogs dmartin336 10/24/2012 (1 posts) Pa   more
FCI dmartin336 09/29/2012 (1 posts)
Federation Cynologique Internationale firmly opposes Dog Cruelty - This vi   more
Vizsla just as a pet because they’re great with children! dmartin336 09/04/2012 (1 posts)   more
Announcement: Call for Submissions for the Cornell Vizsla Mast Cell Tumor Pilot Study dmartin336 08/02/2012 (2 posts)
The VCA Welfare Foundation (VCA WF) issues a call for sample submissions to   more
The artful dog dmartin336 08/01/2012 (2 posts)
Thanks to a fellow Vizsla owner for sharing this video. It is such a pleasu   more
Natasha Rose and her sister together in competition in Argentina dmartin336 07/31/2012 (2 posts)
Watch Natash Rose and her sister, India Can d'Ijuma competing    more
Getting those Christmas ideas started dmartin336 07/31/2012 (2 posts)   more
Blood Test For Canine Cancer dmartin336 07/31/2012 (2 posts)   more
Natasha Rose Can D'Ijuma lineage and pedigree dmartin336 05/30/2012 (1 posts)
Name /Nombre del perro: Natasha Rose Can d'Ijuma Kennel Club de Chile/K   more
Ranking and point systems in dog shows dmartin336 05/29/2012 (1 posts)
Natasha has moved up in age categories and was recently shown in the Junior   more
Calling All Dog Experts: What kind of dog is that? dmartin336 05/16/2012 (1 posts)
Enjoy taking the survey below by    Dr. Julie Levy   with th   more
Natasha Rose and Procyon's day in the Chilean countryside dmartin336 05/16/2012 (1 posts)
Natasha and her bother, Procy, enjoy a romp in the fields of Melipilla , an   more
New proposed APHIS/USDA regulations impose tighter restrictions for home breeders dmartin336 05/16/2012 (1 posts)
Though Natasha is still too young to breed we are entertaining the idea. Be   more
View Live Streaming Video Of the 2012 Vizsla Club of America Specialty Shows dmartin336 05/15/2012 (1 posts)
Streaming video of the 2012 Vizsla Club of America Specialty Shows will sta   more
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