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British Shorthair Cat Webring - This ring is for British Shorthair Cat lovers, owners, breeders ~ The site is open to anyone with a site about the Briti

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British Shorthair Cat Webring

Manager: okieshadow
This ring is for British Shorthair Cat lovers, owners, breeders ~ The site is open to anyone with a site about the British Shorthair Cat. As the aim is to maintain a quality ring for members and surfers alike.

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Women, poets, and especially artists,
  Women, poets, and especially artists, like cats; delicate natures only can

People who belong to Siamese cats
  People who belong to Siamese cats must make up their minds to do a good dea

A kitten is the delight of the household
  A kitten is the delight of the household; all day long a comedy is played o
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April Fools Brittisk Korthar hasselbert 11/26/2005 (1 posts) Här hittar du mitt k   more
Fantasia - a British Shorthair Cat (Finland) heliades 02/02/2001 (1 posts) These pages are about   more
BYMYSIDE CATS AUSTRALIA bymyside 12/17/2007 (1 posts) British Shorthair cats s   more
Moonface's British Shorthair heliades 07/05/2004 (1 posts) British Shorthair Catt   more
Divine Design British Shorthairs divinedesignbrits 10/10/2007 (1 posts) Divine Design B   more
Faydom- British Shorthair Breeding in Finland dorisduewel 10/11/2003 (1 posts) Faydom catteries ar   more
Silver Tabby from Latvia de_noble 02/13/2011 (1 posts) "De Noble" is a small   more
DandyBlue British Shorthairs lmenshov 01/07/2009 (1 posts) Breeders of quality Brit   more
Bagalugas bagalugas 07/13/2007 (2 posts) Located in in the north   more
Quality British Shorthairs and Ragdoll Cats tryanite 07/07/2005 (1 posts) Small hobby breeder of q   more
Bonniechloe British Shorthair (UK) vonniesbabes 08/25/2005 (1 posts) A small cattery sp   more
Purrceptive British Shorthairs, CA, USA ruffcrowd 01/26/2002 (1 posts) British Shorthair kit   more
Free Cat Graphics. bluepossum 11/04/2011 (1 posts) This page contains   more
Björktassen´s british shorthair inv_fict 08/18/2008 (1 posts) Breeder of british sho   more
British Shorthair Cats Von Ambach ingo.kaiser 12/15/2000 (1 posts) We have a   more
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