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Anti-Microsoft Webring - The Anti Microsoft Webring is a list of sites and resources that want or list alternatives to Microsoft Windows.Operatin

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Anti-Microsoft Webring

Manager: thewhizkidz
Join the Anti-Microsoft Forum. Post information on new websites for alternatives to Microsoft Windows. Anyone may post in our forum. A WebRing of sites and resources that want or list alternatives to Microsoft Windows. We now have over 50 sites listed and over 100,000 total page views! Join our webring today!

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The Anti-Microsoft Forum
New OS LinSpire
  LinSpire: The Affordable Choice. Started by Michael Rob

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subjects on inovative concepts
  i have in the past come up with some excellent program ideas , but seem to

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Discuss GROOVY SIXTIES BAND WEB RING webring 04/13/2011
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DaydreamBelievin Monkee Business amrobin 09/27/2006

This site contains bios, photo galleries and history of the Monkees plus an episode guide with complete summaries of each episode. A message board where you can post anything you want including fanfic stories.

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ROCK GROUPS -- Sixties Website tombrady33 07/05/2001

This website has a small history of most major groups from the sixties and the first page you will see is our sixties page with Woodstock era material. Make sure to check out our main page!! The site has webrings and websites for The Beach Boys/Beatles/Stones/He rman Hermits/Paul Revere & Raiders / Monkees/Rascals and many many other great groups!!

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New OS LinSpire thewhizkidz 07/22/2004
LinSpire: The Affordable Choice.

Started by Michael Robertson, founder and former CEO of,  Lindows, Inc., is a leading developer and vendor of affordable Linux-based operating systems, applications software and computer services, designed specifically for desktop and laptop computers in homes, schools and businesses.  At the cornerstone of Lindows, Inc. is LinspireTM, a new and exciting operating system that delivers the power, stability and cost-savings of Linux® with the ease of a windows environment.  Linspire is easy to experience because it supports popular Microsoft® Windows file types and because of our exclusive CNR technology that allows the installation, updating and management of thousands of software programs with just one click of your mouse.

The Linspire Laptop Edition is specifically tailored for the power management and wireless needs of mobile computer users.  The Linspire operating system is also offered in Spanish and Japanese Those who are interested in becoming authorized resellers of Linspire should visit, or if interested in selling computers pre-loaded with Linspire.

Corporate information about Lindows, Inc. is available here at   reply
The Ultimate Beatle/Monkee Webpage inv_fict 03/24/2000

Come and look at some of the coolest pictures of the grooviest bands of the 60's, The Beatles and The Monkees. There's also trivia, chat, and a mailing list you can join. So come and check it out!

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In the sky with Lucy! inv_fict 03/24/2000

All about the Beatles!

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Featured Listings thewhizkidz 11/17/2004
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Woolhat's Monkee Page um_1612 06/07/2004

Groovy information on the 60's band/tv show The Monkees.

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The Beat Merchants iolo_goch 10/01/2002

Dedicated to The Beat Merchants, the 1960s beat group from Horsham West Sussex. Who once supported the rolling stones. Links to Geoff farndells site and circle records.

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subjects on inovative concepts forumguest 04/16/2005
i have in the past come up with some excellent program ideas , but seem to have let them get into the hands of ? now i see the same programs operating smoothly . i have serveral different ideas the i don;t even think very much of , how would you think about making these come to life? lrssr.   reply
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