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The Health and Wellness Web Ring has been created to help promote and advertise all sites and webpages containing products, services and information that pertain to a healthy lifestyle.

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Allergies: Hay Fever & Asthma - 08/22/2012
Relief of allergy symptoms is what every allergy-sufferer strives for. Asthma and hay fever can be treated effectively with natural health remedies and alternative healing therapies. Hay fever is a chronic condition characterized by sneezing, nasal congestion, runny and itching nose, palate, ears and eyes. If you recognize any of these allergy symptoms, it is probable that you or some member of your family has experienced hay fever at one time or another. Doctors call it allergic rhinitis. Most people know it as hay fever and if you've got it, as millions of people do, you're likely to be plagued especially during spring by such annoying symptoms as sneezing, congestion, runny nose, itchy throat and red, watery eyes. Allergy is a state of physical hypersensitivity to certain things. Allergy reactions occurring in the nose and sinus are called "sinus" or "hay fever" or "allergic rhinitis". And when allergy reactions occur in the chest, it is called "asthma". Allergy reactions in the skin are referred to as "hives" or "angioedema". So you see, allergy has different names depending upon where in your body it occurs. One out of every six Americans suffers from an allergic condition. Allergy is an inherited trait, a genetic susceptibility towards the production of certain allergy antibodies. Hay fever is basically an allergic reaction to pollens from trees, weed and grasses. Unlike garden flower pollen, which is carried by insects, the dry lightweight pollens which cause allergic...

Allergies: Hay Fever & Asthma

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