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Weblogging Women - For webloggers who are women, and women who are bloggers.

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Weblogging Women

Manager: genessa
This ring is for women with weblogs, blogs, online journals or diaries.

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Business Model of Writers In A Changing World - 01/08/2013

I've been inserting posts in this blog about the Writer's Business Model for years.  Here's one of many: The thesis I learned from Alvin Toffler's Future Shock decades ago is now a constantly growing reality for writers -- as a writer you are self-employed and a "small business."  Well, micro-business.  But a business none-the-less. So I've also done posts on Marketing -- about which I really know nothing and have no education in that field.  But I keep running into people with marketing expertise and learning from them. I just had a writing student self-publish an item and come back to me bewildered about why 3 readers commented in public that they were disappointed, couldn't relate to the main character. The writer felt the book was terrible.  I counter-argued that the marketing was terrible -- the particular readers who thought from the blurb that they'd like the book did not like it because they couldn't relate to the main character.  If the marketing targeted readers who could relate to that character, the readers would not...

Business Model of Writers In A Changing World

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