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Weblogging Women - For webloggers who are women, and women who are bloggers.

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Weblogging Women

Manager: genessa
This ring is for women with weblogs, blogs, online journals or diaries.

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Theme-Plot Integration Part 4: Fallacies and Endorphins - 01/01/2013

If you're reading this on New Year's Day, stop and come join us for our annual Sime~Gen New Year's chat -- info and instructions on the Sime~Gen Group on Facebook and/or Then come back and read about how to use the basic Theme and Plot techniques I've been harping on in these Tuesday posts to avoid expository lumps.  Yes, that's what this is all about -- avoiding boring the reader by telling rather than showing.  Put all the information into the substrata of the composition, into the structural elements.  This is an advanced lesson, combining two techniques, Theme and Plot.  Previous parts in this Theme-Plot Integration Series: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Theme-Plot Integration Part 4: Fallacies and Endorphins

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