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Weblogging Women - For webloggers who are women, and women who are bloggers.

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Weblogging Women

Manager: genessa
This ring is for women with weblogs, blogs, online journals or diaries.

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Controlling Guns - 12/19/2012
Forget for the moment that we are not all superheroes and bang bang is not the solution to all problems, and if you think your nutty neighbor is hot-tempered now, just imagine him or her with a gun. Let's pretend that a Newsweek contributor has not suggested that the children who were killed might have survived had they rushed the gunman instead of hiding. Forget that some have recommended that teachers and school administration all over American should be required to carry firearms. Forget all that. Let's deal with this one crazy premise: that we all need assault weapons just in case we don't like something our duly elected government officials say, do or think. Don't like that new law or that new traffic light? Time to go shoot the mayor. This is what some people think the Second Amendment is about. I contend that it is not. As it happens, we do not live in a tiny cluster of colonies, ruled by an insane despot, unable to govern ourse...

Controlling Guns

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