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The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy - The vast, right-wing conspiracy did not cease operations when Hillary and Bill left the White House with the silverware.

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The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy

Manager: frogblog
The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is the organization responsible for President Clinton's scandals, Hillary said so. The webring connects like minded conservatives, libertarians, Republicans who wish to show their membership in the Conspiracy.

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post by jimp - 08/31/2013

The place looked underfunded, even though it is supported by both the state and by the the local county government. Nevertheless the person I visited said that they had helped him understand himself and he felt that the other patients were being helped as well.Sometimes helping agencies are right under our nose and we just don't see them until something happens. That gives you another take on life.

Replied - 08/31/2013

Don't drink muchDon't smokeDrink sweetened colas sparinglyDon't overeatDo get some exerciseDon't let your mind get polluted Those six things will keep you away, from walk in clinics and hospitals. 

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