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The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy - The vast, right-wing conspiracy did not cease operations when Hillary and Bill left the White House with the silverware.

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The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy

Manager: frogblog
The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is the organization responsible for President Clinton's scandals, Hillary said so. The webring connects like minded conservatives, libertarians, Republicans who wish to show their membership in the Conspiracy.

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The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy Question - 08/28/2013

I started my storable foods business in '94 because of fears of what Clinton would do to this country!  I'm FAR more concerned NOW!!  If the incompetent, impeachable Obama strikes Syria, he may well trigger WWIII. Now would be a good time to stock up, before food prices go through the roof!  (My contact details are at the bottom of every page, and I take calls until 10pm Central, any day.)  Stay safe!

Replied - 08/30/2013
I see that have a reason for promoting paranoia. I might too if I had money to make from promoting fear. 

Replied - 08/30/2013
Yeah, I guess you're right.  What's the point in being prepared.  We've got the government to take care of us ... of everything.....

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