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Special Needs Children - These are sites by families with special needs children or support organizations that help children with disabilities s

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Special Needs Children

Manager: wr__tj
The Families with Special Needs Children Forum is open to parents of children with special needs. I also wish to open the forum to individuals to discuss information to help the families who have a child with a disorder/disease in any way. Visitors always welcome!

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Lasting effects of prematurity on this 2nd annual Parents Of Preemies Day - 03/10/2013

Today is  Parents of Preemies day! Parents of Preemies Day is a national day of awareness on Sunday, March 10th, 2013 recognizing the courage and commitment it takes to stay strong and resilient when premature birth turns a family's world upside down.  Each year, 13 million babies are born prematurely across the globe to parents who never expected their birth stories would be so challenging. Though medical breakthroughs continue to improve outcomes for preemies, experts are only now beginning to understand the intense psychological effects that premature birth has on moms and dads.   In my husbands and my 17 years of being married, we have had 8 preemies. Our first was born at 34 weeks after 5 weeks of bedrest because my water broke at 29 weeks. My track record got a little better after that, my second daughter was born at 35 weeks, my third daughter...she was a 34 weeker along with daughters 4 & 5. There were no real concerns with my first five other than apnea, feeding/sucking issues and temperature control...which was all pretty much resolved when they left the hospital. I do think that it did have lasting long term effects which, to this day, have been fluffed off by pediatricians and counselors. From OCD to communication issues..with a slight case of autism like actions. But that's a whole other post ;) When we thought we were done having kids, there came the shocker to us...TWINS. Now, anyone knows that when you are diagnosed with a bicornuate uterus,...

Lasting effects of prematurity on this 2nd annual Parents Of Preemies Day

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