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Dressing Up: Costume! - Untitled document Find in this ring costume rental stores, clothing shops, theatrical costumers and fashion histor

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Dressing Up: Costume!

Manager: genessa
Untitled document

Find in this ring costume rental stores, clothing shops, theatrical costumers and fashion history sites:  all things sartorial.  Pictured, clockwise from top left:  Deborah Kerr in "Black Narcissus," Elizabeth Taylor in "Cleopatra," Gene Autry in "The Black Rider" and Sarah Bernhardt as Hamlet in "Hamlet":  all dressed a little differently than you'd find them on the street.  On the NavBar:  Eva Gauthier in a Javanese headdress.


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Guide to Stylish and Luxurious Handbags - 02/09/2013

One of the most coveted items in any woman's wardrobe is a designer handbag. Some women purchase vivid-colored handbags to act as their outfit's accessory, while others go for function over fashion. Some ladies prefer to have just a couple of women's handbags in their collections, while others have an entire closet or wardrobe full of carryalls in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. The avid handbag collector will at some point venture into purchasing luxury, designer, or fine-crafted women's handbags. Luxury women's handbags are a multi billion-dollar industry around the globe. Some women purchase designer handbags for the logo or to carry the latest trend in designer handbags, while other women simply enjoy the craftsmanship and luxurious materials that designers use to make their luxury bags. There are many details and distinctions between high-end luxury women's handbags and those of lower quality. Trendy and supple luxury handbags are often constru cted of fine lambskin leather and are often drum-dyed to permeate the leather with true color saturation. Other luxury handbags are constructed of treated weather-resistant pebbled leather. These structured satchels and handbags are built with reinforced stitching to stand the test of time. Some designer bags feature signature logos, insignias, and signatures that are well known within the fashion industry and distinguishable to handbag lovers. Luxury handbag designers often add elaborate hardware, studs, zippers, tassels...

Guide to Stylish and Luxurious Handbags

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