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Dressing Up: Costume! - Untitled document Find in this ring costume rental stores, clothing shops, theatrical costumers and fashion histor

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Dressing Up: Costume!

Manager: genessa
Untitled document

Find in this ring costume rental stores, clothing shops, theatrical costumers and fashion history sites:  all things sartorial.  Pictured, clockwise from top left:  Deborah Kerr in "Black Narcissus," Elizabeth Taylor in "Cleopatra," Gene Autry in "The Black Rider" and Sarah Bernhardt as Hamlet in "Hamlet":  all dressed a little differently than you'd find them on the street.  On the NavBar:  Eva Gauthier in a Javanese headdress.


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Stylish Men's Coats and Jackets - 02/01/2013

The seasons can have a giant outcome on formal men's fashion. But a men's jacket, since its origin, has not been any huge change in fashion trends. They keep you balmy and can be an ideal addition to any stylish outfit. Of all the pieces in men's fashion, mens jackets and coats are simply the most technical because of all the tailoring that they need. Mens casual jackets can be worn in any weather and in any type of the day, even in summertime when the temperature drop at night. It is made of thinner and lighter materials unlike before that it is heavy which make it uncomfortable to wear. Lightweight jackets offer office personnel the daily works of a great expediency. In addition to providing warmth, the jacket with the polished surface of the fabric formed with a high-profile fashion approach. Mens jackets are measured as the most usable piece of equipment in mens clothing particularly during cold or rainy season. It can really be worn in almost diverse o ccasions. In a business casual office, the sport jacket will give you a distinguished, trustworthy look without appearing out of place. You can even hang it on your chair for most of the day, wearing it to attend a meeting or go out to lunch. Self-employed men know particularly how important it is to make a good first impression, and the sport coat is a definite way to do that. Thanks to both its trendy and sensible versatility, the sport coat is the uniform of choice for men whose jobs take them from office to constructi...

Stylish Men's Coats and Jackets

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