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Dressing Up: Costume! - Untitled document Find in this ring costume rental stores, clothing shops, theatrical costumers and fashion histor

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Dressing Up: Costume!

Manager: genessa
Untitled document

Find in this ring costume rental stores, clothing shops, theatrical costumers and fashion history sites:  all things sartorial.  Pictured, clockwise from top left:  Deborah Kerr in "Black Narcissus," Elizabeth Taylor in "Cleopatra," Gene Autry in "The Black Rider" and Sarah Bernhardt as Hamlet in "Hamlet":  all dressed a little differently than you'd find them on the street.  On the NavBar:  Eva Gauthier in a Javanese headdress.


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How to stylishly dress Hip-Hop - 01/31/2013

Not everyone follows the fashion trends closely and people's taste and preferences vary but one way or the other, fashion will always stay a part of our lives. Everybody wants to look and feel comfortable in what they wear. These fashion trends keep on changing. They are mostly influenced by some popular figure or a celebrity. These celebrities can be rock stars, actors, or pop artists. People who closely follow them are the ones who get easily influenced with what they wear. This is where the trends emerge from. Talking about funky trends, funky clothing is quite popular amongst many youngsters. The follow their favorite gangster rap artist and want to look like them. This has introduced a culture of heavy jewels with that urban wear clothing like stylish Bracelets, fancy chains and huge gold rings. Here are the things that can give you a true gangsta look: Accessories The rap artists usually love stay loaded with flashy jewelry and funky accessories. This includes a huge variety of things like bracelets, pendants, sunglasses and hats; this is all done to make a statement that the person he is or somehow wants to be affiliated with the popular culture with his clothing style. Oversized Clothes It is one of the most common things in the rappers community to wear oversized clothes. They wear multiple layers of clothing and the uppers they wear are so huge that they usually cover up to half of their jeans. Bright Color Hip Hop artists have a unique sort of a taste for bright a...

How to stylishly dress Hip-Hop

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