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Sites throughout the WWW featuring Storytelling resources, organizations, events, and the tellers themselves. All dedicated, at least in part, to the vocal art of telling stories. Enjoy!

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Do we need stories to change our mind? - 09/09/2013
Wow big election weekend over. It was great to take part in the democratic process of choosing the next Australian government in a range of ways. I lobbied for issues that I considered important in the weeks leading up to the election. I voted including the 80 odd below the line preferences for the Senate. I handed out policy scorecards for GetUp encouraging people to make their choices by taking into account important social and environmental issues rather than personalities and I handed out how to vote cards for my current favourite political party. All of this happened in an atmosphere of relative peace and consideration for others. Mind you I did witness one voter give supporters of one party a really violent tongue lashing outside a polling booth. It was quite a surprise. How do people change their minds and do something different to what they normally do. Here's an interesting article that suggests that people need appropriate stories to encourage that shift from the habitual to the new. I don't agree with everything that Shawn Coyne says about those changes but it is worth a read. It is clear to me that stories can help us change habits or help us make a decision. What would make a story more effective in this way? I suspect that the story should be one in which the listener can see themselves as one of the characters in the story. That character should be one that cuts through the accumated distress and well w...

Do we need stories to change our mind?

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