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Smash The System! - A webring dedicated to the revolutionary ideals of beyond left and right politics. Neither left nor right, but forward!

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Smash The System!

Manager: theodora_maffat
"The enemy is the New World Order--either we forget the children's games and the posturing, unite and build a totally new kind of community or they'll smash the lot of us and our grandchildren will all end up as 'citizens of the world'."

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Is Creationist Ray Comfort An Idiot Or A Liar? Photo taken by JJ Duncan At the MTV Video Music Awards last week, Miley Cyrus' dancing shocked millions of people. Her dance routine included something called twerking. It is a sexually suggestive move, with hips thrusting, low squatting, and wobbling and jiggling in an up-and-down motion. She was also wearing skin-tone latex "underwear" that feigned nudity. And we at say, "So what?" C'mon, the woman is twenty years old. And her demographics (fans) have also grown up with her. Anyway, with the Internet, kids today are quite aware of sexuality whether Miley Cyrus twerks or not. What her critics are basically saying is that she should act like a kid forever. Nonsense. ~ Miley Cyrus' controversial twerking causes controversy. And now, Creationist and evangelical preacher, Ray Comfort, comes out to basically call Miley Cyrus a whore. What an A-hole. Ray Comfort is not new to the Frog Blog. In 2009, we wrote about how he collaborated with actor Kirk Cameron to link Adolf Hitler to Charles Darwin! Read our article, “Creation Vs. Evolution: Darwin Defamed!” This man professes to know better than a lot of fields, including physics and evolutionary biology. But in fact, he only has a high school education and didn't even have any formal training in theology before he began preaching as a minister. The two words that best describe this fool is "ignorance" and "arrogance". ~ Ray Comfort blames everything on Secular Humanis...


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