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Scotland - The Scotland WebRing is a place to find Scottish websites.It symbolizes the diverse nature of the Scots people.Their cul

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The Scotland webring is a place for any and all "Scottish" websites. It symbolizes the diverse nature of the Scots, their people, culture, history, legends, music, humor, politics, religion, & tradition - ancient or modern. If your site fits somewhere in this description - you're more than welcome here. Fáilte!

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Joyce Holms Crime Writer, books set in Scotland. - 04/18/2011

This best-selling crime series, set in Edinburgh, Scotland, feature solicitor Fizz Fitzpatrick and her reluctant partner in crime, fledgling advocate Tam Buchanan. The stories range from the Scottish Borders to the Highlands and provide a sharp sense of place, intelligent plots and clever characterisation, all spiced with wit. Now to be reprinted in the USA. Site has biography%

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