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Rhodesian Ridgeback - Dedicated to the Rhodesian Ridgeback from breeders to owners to those who fancy this African Lion dog.

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Rhodesian Ridgeback

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Rhodesian Ridgebacks—the "lion hounds" of Africa—if you're interested in Ridgebacks, this is the place for you!

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Some photos - 07/08/2012

Here just some more pics of our fun times, since I wrote a lot in the previous post ;-) Enjoy! Dinner  Bit of a cuddle This one is fun - I sat down on Crispy's stretcher, and 2 seconds later she sat in that exact position!  She even waited for wifey to go inside, get the camera, come back and take a pic!!!  That is so not Crispy style!  Chicken left over...  Some of her dehydrated treats: By the river:  Little stock up for my "baby girl": Chewing on her treat (dehydrated beef tendon): Today, at the nearby bush area  (I love the action photos):

Some photos

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