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LARGE FAMILIES WebRing - These sites belong to families who have 5 or more children, through birth, through adoption, or through foster care. The

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This webring is made up of families who have 5 or more children, through birth, through adoption, or through foster care. These websites will offer encouragement, support, ideas, information on adoption, and/or anything else that affects large families.

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Log Home Tour part 2: Kitchen - 04/18/2013

Welcome to the Providence Lodge home tour!   We began our tour with the porch and entry,  and now we are headed to the kitchen,  the hub of activity here in our neck of the woods. The kitchen is 12 x 24, with the main work area being 12x12.   The whole kitchen is a conglomeration of salvage materials.   The cabinets came from a remodel   the commercial wolf stove from Craig's List,  the sink and faucet from Habitat for Humanity,  the light from Goodwill,  the frig from a scratch and dent warehouse   and the island is a fabrication of mix and match that a wise friend assembled for us.   The crowing glory,  I think, is the Home Comfort wood cook stove given to us by some friends.   I just had it fired up yesterday,  with the coooooold morning temperature to warm the house and make our breakfast porridge.  Walking from the entry and going left,  you come into the kitchen this way.  The wood cook stove is on the far side of the island, facing the dining area. Here is a closer look. The island itself is nearly 4 feet wide and over 5 feet long.   The primary purpose of this , with its stainless steel top, is for the processing of meat, mostly deer,  which makes up the majority of our meat diet. On the sink side of the island is the baking area.   Cookbooks are at hand right on island top,  and I keep a wire basket...

Log Home Tour part 2: Kitchen

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