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LARGE FAMILIES WebRing - These sites belong to families who have 5 or more children, through birth, through adoption, or through foster care. The

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This webring is made up of families who have 5 or more children, through birth, through adoption, or through foster care. These websites will offer encouragement, support, ideas, information on adoption, and/or anything else that affects large families.

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Log Home Tour, Part 1: Entry - 04/17/2013

We just passed the 3rd anniversary of living in the log home  our family hand built over a period of 6 years. I think it takes me at least two years to really settle into a home,  so after three years, I can confidently say that all things are as they should be- where they need to be.   It has been and whole lot of fun decorating the lodge,  and there are so many things to show ya all, that we will take it in turns.  For starters, the porch and entry way. Winter porch The front porch is our outdoor living room in the summer, a work area and wood storage in the winter.  We built it in scale to the lodge, which is 36x36, so the porch is 12x36, which seems real big!   I had defended the idea of a 12' porch by saying that nearly all porches are too small,  and I desired this porch to accommodate all the seasons with all our family, so 12' it is.   When we first began designing the house plans, we wanted to take into account the pattern of the sun in each season and arrange the position of the lodge accordingly.   The porch gets morning sun, and by noon is in shade for the rest of the day,  staying cool in the heat of summer.   It is also on the opposite side of the house as the weather hits,  so in winter, ice and snow do not blow into it.   I love our porch. This is where we park first thing in the morning come a fine summer day. The summer porch is a great place to take in ...

Log Home Tour, Part 1: Entry

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