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LARGE FAMILIES WebRing - These sites belong to families who have 5 or more children, through birth, through adoption, or through foster care. The

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This webring is made up of families who have 5 or more children, through birth, through adoption, or through foster care. These websites will offer encouragement, support, ideas, information on adoption, and/or anything else that affects large families.

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All the News - 03/27/2013

Words simply are not enough.   I cannot, in any way, communicate how deeply touched and thankful we have been by all the emails,  cards, messages, and prayers of people far and near, known and even unknown,  which we have received this last month since our news of cancer.    We have been enfolded in a cloud of grace,  living our beautiful little life here in the woods,  and learning, researching, moving forward toward natural treatment.   In this, making many many changes for our household, all for the good,  but all in all, I have found these additions plus our "normal" life  to be very, very full and often times, down right overwhelming. Kind of like drinking from a fire hydrant. It is a good thing to stop and count the blessings . The children are by are unaffected by the "C" word and the direction we are headed,  they have taken it right in stride, not questioning the new toothpaste in the bathroom,  the new shampoo in the shower  and the lack of sugary confections from the kitchen. Gabe did, however, beg me with those big eyes of his one day,  batting long lashes at me,  his little face upturned looking me right int he eye.   "Pleeeeease make me cookies, mama?"   Looking for a sweet 4 yr old kiss, I replied, "What will you give me if I make you cookies?"   To which he smiled ever so sweetly and answered,  "One of Ben's pennies."   Well, he got his...

All the News

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