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LARGE FAMILIES WebRing - These sites belong to families who have 5 or more children, through birth, through adoption, or through foster care. The

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This webring is made up of families who have 5 or more children, through birth, through adoption, or through foster care. These websites will offer encouragement, support, ideas, information on adoption, and/or anything else that affects large families.

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When You Are Diagnosed With Cancer. - 03/08/2013

My stomach lurched.  The roller coaster effect was having its way with me.   There we sat in the doctors office, and the doctor had just said The Word .   I had known it was coming,  knew in my heart,  but somehow, hearing it confirmed still nauseated me. Cancer. What do you do when your world, your plans, your hopes are torn to bits and pieces and life takes on the certainty of uncertainty? How can a hospital room feel so much like a ship tossed at sea?   Is it wrong to have emotions like this?  Does that mean I do not trust, do not have faith? My dear, Love of My Life these 24 years, has just found he has cancer.   My knight in shining armor. The one on whom we all depend so much.  gulp. But I believed God would work it for His good, that no matter what,  He would be there with me and my family,  that He would strengthen us for whatever lay ahead.   I knew that.   I do trust.   But I also felt anguish. My faith would be strong, yes, and I did have the peace that all is as it should be, yet,  I still have emotion, and I have found that it is alright. My husband, now, he is excited,  he is looking forward to what God has in this may effect the church and community.   He thinks nothing of the suffering he will endure.   To him, it is no big deal.   But if God would use this difficulty, this trial, to make Himsel...

When You Are Diagnosed With Cancer.

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