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This is a ring for quilters around the world. Many different sites, including quilt artists, quilt shops, pattern makers and designers.

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Inspiration Has Struck - 08/17/2013

While quilting tonight I had a brilliant idea what to do with my Constitution fabric. I don't have a lot of it, so I have to use it wisely.    Then it hit me.   I always wanted to do a Courthouse Steps  quilt.   It's a nice simple pattern.   I decided I can use the Constitution fabric as a center medallion solid block then put Courthouse Steps blocks around it.   The dark part of the steps will be red on one side and blue on the other.   The light part of the steps will be white as will the center piece of each block.   I think this will turn out quite nice. I have some red fabric and I think enough white.   I have to get some blue.   If you want to help with the fabric of this quilt, you can use the donate button on the right below the notification form.   If you want to commission this whole quilt through a donation to an organization on the right, just make your $200 donation and let me know. When I finish it, I will donate it to Blankets of Hope . They donate quilts to wounded soldiers.   Hopefully, I will finish this quilt by Veterans' Day. Let me know in the comments (I know by the stats page I have readers, I want to hear from you), what you think of this quilt. --- Reminder1:  August is still Back to School Month.   1 donation to Room to Read gets you 2 quilts block in your name. Reminder 2:  If you make a donation to one of the organizations on the right, you have to send me proof of your...

Inspiration Has Struck

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