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This is a ring for quilters around the world. Many different sites, including quilt artists, quilt shops, pattern makers and designers.

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The Quilt Block Challenge - Long Version - 06/05/2013
This is the long explanation for what the Quilt Block Challenge is.   The short version is over on the right side there. I love to quilt.   But hey, I can only use so many quilts myself even here in frozen Maryland (those from further north I don't want to hear about how MD is not frozen).   So I make quilts for friends.  Babies, weddings, etc.   But I also want to give back.   There are a lot of organizations that accept donations of quilts:   Project Linus  , Soldier's Angels , Afghans for Angels  just to name a few.  But how to get quilting.  That should be a no brainer but wasn't.   Just never got around to it.   So I came up with the idea of the Quilt Block Challenge.   It is modeled on the "buy a brick" fundraisers that many organizations have.   Except instead of a brick, you are buying a quilt block.   For every $10 donation made to one of the organizations listed on the sidebar, I will quilt a block in the donor's honor.   Feel free to make an "In Memoriam" or "In Honor of" donation.   I make the block and sew your initials or the person being remembered/honored onto the block.   I then send you a picture of the completed block.   When I get enough blocks done, I make the quilt.   You get a picture of the completed picture also.   The quilt then gets donated to one of the organizations accepting finished quilts.   So its double giving for one donation. &...

The Quilt Block Challenge - Long Version

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