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Quilting Sites - Welcome to Quilting Sites. A Quilter's Dream!   It is a collective of people whose pages involve quilting, quilt ar

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Quilting Sites

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This is a ring for quilters around the world. Many different sites, including quilt artists, quilt shops, pattern makers and designers.

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Welcome - 06/02/2013
Yes this is the traditional welcome to the Blog post.   I think it is required by law to do one of these.   Since I am a lawyer, I should check on that.   Oh well, here goes: The purpose of this blog is really to promote the quilt block challenge.   The general idea is over on the side there.    Go ahead try it.   You will be helping others.   And besides the warm fuzzy feeling you get from donating to really good causes (all of them are 3 and 4 rated charities on Charity Navigator) you get that warm feeling again knowing you helped make a quilt that was donated to a worthy organization.   Twice the warm fuzzies for one donation.   Plus you get not one, but two pictures of "your" block.   One of just the block, then one of the quilt into which the your block went.   All for one low, low, donation of $10.   I'll stop now because I am starting to sound like a Ronco commercial. I will also be posting about the pro bono work I do as a family law attorney in Montgomery County, Maryland.   No, don't call me to take your case pro bono.   I only take cases approved by legal services organizations.    And no, I won't be talking specifics of any cases.   Just more my overall experience.   But hey, at least I won't be posting about football (hopefully), I have another blog for that and twitter.   Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading, and helping me help others.  Drop a line and say hi. &...


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