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This is a ring for quilters around the world. Many different sites, including quilt artists, quilt shops, pattern makers and designers.

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Cake Pan Carrier with Table Runner - Two March Finishes! - 03/26/2013

   My sister gave a number of these  retro fabrics as a fun fat quarter Christmas present a few years ago, along with a pattern from  The Sewing Basket for a cake pan carrier and table runner, which I took as a big hint.   I had good intentions of finishing this for my niece's birthday in January - better late than never! The table runner wraps lengthwise around the outside of the carrier that is holding the pan. The carrier has handles and wraps the short way around the pan.  I designed the patchwork for both the table runner and the carrier.  The table runner has stitch in the ditch quilting.  I love how it turned out.  I really enjoyed working with the retro fabrics. Designing the angled stripes into the carrier fabric was challenging.  I really wanted the carrier to coordinate with the table runner, and the dull green fabric just wasn't getting the job done by itself.  I upgraded the handles to leather.  Larry cut out the leather for me.   (Twice!  The pattern called for 1 yard of cotton webbing and it should have specified nearly 2 yards.) I bought a leather needle for my machine and it sewed like a dream.  I had to settle for a covered muffin pan because I couldn't find a nice 9" x 13" covered cake pan like my sister bought me a few years ago.  ( It is totally awesome.  The cover is engraved with my name so it will never go missing at a potluck! )  Now I just have to send it off t...

Cake Pan Carrier with Table Runner - Two March Finishes!

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