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Personal Homepage Ring

Manager: tattooed_ogre
The Personal Homepages Web Ring is for anybody with a personal homepage to join and get more hits to their page. Your site doesn't have to be the greatest, just not a page for a business. Join Now!!!

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I MISS MY MOM - 09/01/2012
I MISS MY MOM! One year ago August my mother made a left turn, failing to notice the red light or the utility truck coming through the intersection.   I can still hear my brother's voice as he tried to gently described the circumstances an situation.   She was still alive, in intensive care and everyone was waiting to find out what was to be done next.  It was easier to count the bones that were not broken than the ones that were.   I didn't know what to do.  I finally resolved myself to make the six hour drive to the hospital where she was just to feel reassured that she was o.k.   This visit was the first time her children had been together in the same place for over ten years.  It took a horrific accident to draw us each out of our own life's dramas and back to one another.  Mom raised us individually to experience our own lives and follow our life's journeys and dreams with no regrets or guil...


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