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Spelling Reform and Simplified Spelling - Orthography, or Spelling Reform, is a pursues the need for reforming the spelling of words.  Also, called the movem

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Spelling Reform and Simplified Spelling


Spelling Reform is a collection of websites discussing the need for reforming the spelling of many English words. English takes its words from many languages. This has resulted in some very strange spellings. Then we are expected to learn these weird spellings. This is a daunting task for adults and even more so for children just learning to spell. These websites provide a wide variety of opinions and suggested reforms. Most English speaking adults would find these websites fascinating even if you don't like this idea. May I invite you to surf this webring and perhaps come up with your own suggestions for reforming our English spelling?


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The Downard Ionatean Alphabet - 12/02/2009

I have written editorial and social commentary pieces for my column, "The Grey Area," at I wanted to use that title here, but it's already taken by an apparently very tormented poet. I intend to continue that work here, as well as a little comedy and some lighter topics, like marriage and fatherhood. I am also debuting my Ionatean Alphabet, which is a phonetic spelling system which could standardize and simplify English spelling and pronunciation, making it easier for anyone to learn and use English. Our spelling and rules of pronunciation have culminated from so many different cultures and traditions that it is probably the most difficult language on the planet to master. My alphabet could change all that, although it's by far not the only proposed system.

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