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Spelling Reform and Simplified Spelling - Orthography, or Spelling Reform, is a pursues the need for reforming the spelling of words.  Also, called the movem

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Spelling Reform and Simplified Spelling


Spelling Reform is a collection of websites discussing the need for reforming the spelling of many English words. English takes its words from many languages. This has resulted in some very strange spellings. Then we are expected to learn these weird spellings. This is a daunting task for adults and even more so for children just learning to spell. These websites provide a wide variety of opinions and suggested reforms. Most English speaking adults would find these websites fascinating even if you don't like this idea. May I invite you to surf this webring and perhaps come up with your own suggestions for reforming our English spelling?


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Functional Illiteracy - 06/08/2010
Although almost every adult American can read at least a few hundred simple words learned by sight in the first three grades in school, if that is all they can read they are functionally illiterate and very seldom attempt to read a book or magazine after leaving school. Although there are various definitions of functional illiteracy, the most accurate definition is the inability to read and write well enough to hold an above-poverty-level-wage job because employers have a monetary interest in accurately determining if an employee in a for-profit company will be more valuable to company profitability than the cost of their salary and benefits. The most accurate study of adult literacy ever commissioned by the U.S. government proves that 48.7% of U.S. adults are functionally illiterate by that definition and that 31.2% of them are in poverty. We do not see that level of illiteracy or poverty because illiterates are very good at hiding their condition, because most families have more than one employed adult, and because low-income families receive financial help from government agencies, family, friends, and charities. Functional illiterates must constantly endure serious physical, mental, emotional, medical, and financial problems -- at least 34 different types of serious problems -- that we would consider a crisis if they happened to us. The good news is that after years of research, Literacy Research Associates, Inc. (a non-profit, educational corporation) and NuEnglish, Inc. (a non-profit educational corporation and a 509(a)(2) private charity) have discovered and perfected a proven solution which has been recommended by scholars for over two centuries, which has been implemented by 33 nations larger and smaller than the U.S. and both advanced and developing nations, for which all reasonable objections have been thoroughly debunked by several distinguished scholars, which is more necessary than ever as developing nations become more competitive with the U.S. and due to English being the only global language (spoken my more people worldwide than the dialect of any other language and used to communicate with those who do not speak a person's native language), but has never been tried in English.

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