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Wild Animals Will ALWAYS Be Wild And Unpredictable ~ Children should never be near wild animals. Damian Aspinall is a British millionaire businessman and conservation activist. The problem is, he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing. 22 years ago, he placed his 18-month-old toddler, Tansy, together with a 300-pound gorilla and he taped it. It seems that he knew even back then that it was the wrong thing to do and he didn't release the video to the public until now. He claims he is releasing the tape now because he wants the world to see just how gentle gorillas really are. But we at think this is just a publicity stunt to bring attention and funding to the Aspinall Foundation, which among other campaigns tries to bring captive gorillas back into the wild. ~ No whale should be forced to live in a tank. There are many examples of wild animals that have been raised by humans since birth and seem gentle but attack their owners with absolutely no warning. One notable example is Siegfried & Roy. In 2003, Roy Horn was bitten in the neck by a 7-year-old tiger that was trained by Horn since it was just a cub. Horn was in critical condition for several weeks. He also underwent surgery on his skull and suffered a stroke and partial paralysis. It took him years to recover. Another animal that can turn violent are trained killer whales in theme parks. These huge animals live under such cramped conditions that their violent behavior due to stress and mental anguish shoul...


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