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Gov'ts Try To Calm Fears As Dec. 21st Approaches ~ Mayans couldn't make calendars forever – tired, not End-Time. As we approach the end of the Maya 5,125-year cyclic (or "Long Count") calendar on December 21, 2012, panic steadily rises all over the world. End-Time scenarios circulate unabated; they include the Earth being struck by a giant asteroid (or another planet!), the Earth being fried by a super solar storm, the Earth shifting its rotational axis, the Earth reversing its magnetic poles, the Earth being in a planetary alignment where natural disasters such as tornadoes, massive floods, and earthquakes ravish our world. ~ Maya nonsense can be costly. There are reports of Americans running out to buy guns, survival equipment, and provisions. In China, bloggers are circulating that the Apocalypse will have arrived when we see our planet being blanketed by three days of total darkness. Also, one idiot in China cashed in his life savings of $160,000 in order to build an ark to survive Dec 21st. In France, people are planning to converge at the top of Mount Pic de Bugarach, waiting for space aliens to rescue them. There are also reports of expensive underground shelters being sold to the gullible in France, the U.S., and elsewhere. ~ Russian citizens panic as December 21st approaches. To avoid needless accidents and social instability, governments around the world are trying their best to alleviate fears. The mayor of Bugarach, France has banned UFO watchers and light airc...


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