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Should Such Callous Theme Parks Be Banned? The controversial documentary Blackfish premiered in limited release two weeks ago in theaters across the U.S.; and CNN is expected to broadcast the movie on October 24th, 2013. We at the Frog Blog highly recommend this documentary to our readers, not just for its thought-provoking message, but also because it is just a very well-made film. On, Blackfish has generated a consensus rating of 97% among film critics, Click here . Movie poster. In the past, has published a number of articles about the tragedy of animal exploitation and the dangers faced by the handlers of wild animals. Read our past articles: "Moron Lets Infant Play With A Gorilla" , and "50 Exotic/Rare Animals Killed In Ohio" . Our position has always been that a "domesticated or tamed wild animal" is an oxymoron. It is impossible to "tame" a wild/exotic animal because to do so would require countless generations of selective breeding (it is believed that it took thousands of years for the dog to be domesticated), Click here . And just because a wild animal is intelligent and can learn silly tricks to obtain treats or food, that does not mean it is tamed like a domesticated dog is. To wild animals, humans can never be accepted as one of their own like dogs can. This poses a problem brought up by the film: When an animal is abused and is under stress, it may attack and kill people. ~ Should killer whales be tourist attractions? The need of...


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