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SOLAR FLARES TO PEAK IN 2013 - 07/18/2013

Will Solar Flares Cause A Catastrophe On Earth? ~ 11-year cycle points to 2013 as a peak year for solar flares. In an article published on July 17th in the Washington Post, it was reported that Lloyd’s of London is concerned about the massive damage that solar flares could inflict on the global technological infrastructure, perhaps costing as much as $2.6 trillion dollars. Worse than that, besides just our GPS devices and cellphones not working, our electric power grids could go kaput for 20 to 40 million people just on the Eastern Seaboard – possibly for years!! Click here . ~ NASA spacecrafts send data for a movie explaining solar storms. ~ Magnetic Reconnection is when magnetic fields collide and split. For further information on the two NASA videos above, see NASA's July 15th posting on its website, click here .


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