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Physicist Likens Creationists To The Taliban ~ Turning your kids into mindless idiots is child abuse. Noted physicist Lawrence Krauss earlier this month declared that the teaching of Creationism (also referred to by its obfuscating name, "Intelligent Design") is a form of child abuse. According to Dr. Krauss, people in the United States are so ignorant that the National Science Foundation found that 50% of Americans think the Sun actually revolves around the Earth and not the other way around, click here . And in a recent Gallup poll (May, 2012), 46% of Americans believe that humans were created by God in their present form within the last 10,000 years. This is pathetic. ~ Teaching Creationism is like depriving a sick child of medicine. America is perhaps the only advanced nation in the world where the idiotic Creation vs. Evolution debate still rages on. This cripples America as other nations, especially China, forge strongly ahead with their rigorous math and science curriculums. In fact, any kind of nonsense being disseminated to the public by fools and nuts in China may result in imprisonment. While such Draconian methods are frowned upon by the West, commonsense should still prevail in the U.S. And although the teaching of Creationism as science is no longer allowed in America, Creationists still use many crafty strategies to seep rubbish into the classroom. ~ In the 2012 film, The Revisionaries , morons hijack education. The acclaimed 2012 documentary that addresses th...


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