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Fila Brasileiro - Looking for an incredible pooch to guard your home or estate? Consider a Brazilian Mastiff, or Fila Brasileiro. This big

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Fila Brasileiro

Thank you for posting your valued questions & opinions! This Webring is open to websites dedicated to the Fila Brasileiro; an exceptional Brazilian molossoid dog breed and all other canines!

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socialization - 04/22/2007
how is her temperment with strangers? yes it is too late in a sense....filoa need to be WELL socialised before they are 6 months and even THAT is pushing it...if you want your fila to start getting out and to meet new people you must KNOW that you are in full control of you dog and if you have any question of if you are or not then DONT chance it. NEVER let this dog off leash that is the only way that you can be safe...even if your fila seems like it is okay with whoever you are around any one move that your dog determines to be and threat and may very well bite to protect.

you have waited too can never be confident that your dog will be safe around anyone other than the family....but whatever really...if you have a fila then you MUST have know what you were getting into and you must have decided that you have the very non social life that a repsonsible fila owner has...if not well then im sorry to say you should not have a fila.

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