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Dark Fantasy Superheroes - The ring for dark-heart stuff. Kill Bill, the serious version of Batman, Blade, Tomb Raider, the Matrix, hero vampires,

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Dark Fantasy Superheroes

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The forum for dark-heart stuff. Kill Bill, Xena, the serious version of Batman, Blade, Tomb Raider, the Matrix, X-Men, hero vampires, Gothic and other dark fantasy pop culture icons. We'll take your related pages, fan fiction, commercial links, whatever you've got related to dark fantasy in general: Goth, pagan, witchcraft, people of color, black hair, tatoos, body painting and piercing, realistic satanic, or anything else involving Dark Fantasy Superheroes.

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The History of the Twighlight Manor - 03/09/2006

WARNING: YOU ARE ABOUT THE ENTER "EelKat's" online history of the (fictional & immortal?) Swanzen family and their ledgandary house of insanity. Some readers have told me this site is rated T for Teen, some said M for Mature, and still others said such browsers are cautioned when entering this site...Site is under construction, several closed boards, BUT will be opened again soon.~~EelKat

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