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Sheep - The earliest writings of man mention their flocks of sheep. Today, there are many breeds to choose from. Some are bette

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This is a ring for people who have sheep. All breeds are welcome: registered as well as unregistered.

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Easycare Royal White Sheep - 09/02/2004
Hello. This new breed of sheep in the hair class is pure hair, not a wool/hair mix. They will be formally introduced at the Houston Livestock Show in March 2005. These sheep show remarkable adaptablity Tuftsville Ontario Canada this past fall and Florida USA. They were developed for easycare, year around meat production and splitable skins for garments. Lambs survive well because of the high immugloblin and glucose levels and easy mother ewe cleanup. It appears these sheep convert protein someway into volume of certain cells to protect them from parsaites. They are naturally scrapie resistant and also rams of the RR codon are used to retan and infuse better resistance. Some other comments..they flock well, are polled, good mothers, shed dirt and water, tough long haul shippers, the buyers are more and more cattle operators getting into the sheep business and goat operators.

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