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Celtic Arts & Crafts - This ring is for all artists and craftspeople who keep the great Celtic tradition alive!  

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Celtic Arts & Crafts

Manager: bluepossum
“Celtic" has come to mean that group of Ancient Pagans who worshipped the elements, had Druid priests and priestesses and have become an inspiration of the Western Spiritual Tradition. It is the aim of this ring provide information to bring alive that great ancient tradition of worship.

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Fire Breathing Celtic Dragon Pin, Mixed Woods and Crystal - 07/21/2013

$ 40.00 USD   -  Only 1 available Available for Purchase Now on Etsy This Celtic dragon pin, was built up of the wood from fallen tree branches and various barks that were collected by my family, during our walks. The body is a piece of eucalyptus wood, the scales, fire, and other elements are made from various tree barks, and quartz crystal slivers have been used in a few places, for some of the shining dragon scales... and his eye is a small piece of carnelian stone. This pin is 5" wide by 1.5" high. The wood has been oiled with a combination or natural tung oil and a beeswax conditioner. I added a pin back, so it can be used as a brooch, a shawl pin, or a lapel pin, this pin is suitable for men or women... The Celtic dragon is an especially powerful symbol, connected with the land, the cosmos, the heavens, and the underworld... The places where a dragon frequents, or dwells, are especially powerful places and the ancient Druids found these places and built temples and homes on these sites. Dragons were guardians of knowledge and wisdom, the guardians to both the heavens and the underworld, and great spirits who protect the Earth and all of her inhabitants.

Fire Breathing Celtic Dragon Pin, Mixed Woods and Crystal

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