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Celtic Arts & Crafts - This ring is for all artists and craftspeople who keep the great Celtic tradition alive!  

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Celtic Arts & Crafts

Manager: bluepossum
“Celtic" has come to mean that group of Ancient Pagans who worshipped the elements, had Druid priests and priestesses and have become an inspiration of the Western Spiritual Tradition. It is the aim of this ring provide information to bring alive that great ancient tradition of worship.

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Maple Wood Celtic Cu Wand, Magic Wand, Irish Hound - 07/21/2013

$ 25.00 USD   -  Only 1 available Available for Purchase Now on Etsy Magic wands for practitioners and for the lovers of fantasy and mysticism... This wand has been carved from maple wood, making it well-suited to spells of sending and communication, binding, transmutations, creation, revolution, rebirth, healing, beauty, art, and abundance. This wand was made on a Wednesday, in two pieces, the handle is carved and sanded from one solid piece of maple wood the natural branching of the limb creates a wonderful grip, I burned a Celtic Cu (hound) onto the handle, for strength and protection. The handle is approximately 5" long. And the wand section is 12" long. The two sections have been carved to fit together without the use of glue, and no finishes have been used on any part of the wand. If you would like the wand oiled prior to shipment, just let me know in a message, and I can finish it with a natural beeswax wood conditioner, which will give it a slight sheen and darken the wood and highlight the grain.

Maple Wood Celtic Cu Wand, Magic Wand, Irish Hound

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