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Beyond Madness - Beyond Madness, created in 1996, is a ring dedicated to bringing together web sites dealing with any type of mental illn

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Beyond Madness

Manager: alicorna
Beyond Madness, created in 1996, is a ring dedicated to bringing together web sites dealing with any type of mental illness and mental health in general. This includes, but is not limited to, sites concerning depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, panic disorder, mania, personality disorders, eating disorders, schizophrenia, PTSD, and adult attention deficit disorder.

It is the hope of the ring manager that this ring will provide healing, resources, and a sense of community to those who are affected by these illnesses.

The image used for the ring logo is "Insanity" by Władysław Podkowiński (1866-1895).


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Do Not Attempt - 04/24/2013
I did a no no. A definite no no in the mental illness world. I decided, by myself, that I am going to try to get off of Geodon. I have been having so many problems trying to actually get the medication itself, and it is just so freakin expensive, so buying it out of pocket isn't feasible, therefore I have decided that I do not want to take it anymore. Besides, I'm not even sure if it is doing anything anymore anyways. I have decreased my dosage by half. This is day 3 of taking only 60 mg of Geodon and I feel pretty great. I haven't noticed anything, other than maybe having more energy and being able to function better in the morning. I really thought that by decreasing it that much I would have felt the difference. Now the question is: Do I go off of the med entirely, or not? Of course, I must say, do not try this at home. Always discuss with your doctor about your medication changes and things you want to adjust. I know I am being hypocritical, but I am under the supervision of a nurse almost full time and he knows what to look for and knows when to call the doctor if needed. I don't feel the need to inform my doctor yet, as I haven't seen him for awhile and have just been getting med refills, because quite frankly, I have been doing mostly wonderful over the past little while, which is why I haven't blogged. But I figured a med change is blog worthy content. I really think my miracle drug is Lamictal. Any tiny adjustment to that med and I get depressed as hell. Last time th...

Do Not Attempt

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